About Us


Established in 2005, Fire Training Structures, LLC (FTS) has designed, engineered, manufactured and installed numerous training facilities worldwide.  Our fabrication plant is located in Phoenix, Arizona. We provide fire fighter training for the public and private sector. Our goal is to design the most safe, economical and practical structure to satisfy our clients’ specific training needs with custom designs not off the shelf designs.

Our core product is the steel portable storage containers, known for its modular capabilities. The modular capacity will allow your department or agency to expand your training facility as budgetary constraints allow.  The container is fully customizable to allow for mobile temporary training applications or permanent stationary locations.

FTS is committed to providing firefighters and fire training professionals with custom designed, realistic training structures.  The integration of exclusive products and innovative technology allows us to create the most realistic, controlled and detailed fire training experiences available.  FTS offers grant approved mobile systems, including the Multi-Trainer System, as well as stationary stacked and tower structures.  At Fire Training Structures our staff of training specialists, professional engineers and certified fabricators will design and construct your training facility.  All on-site installation of our systems is performed by FTS personnel.

FTS fire training facilities are designed with substantially more fire training props than steel erected or conventional concrete buildings.  The latest in burn room and structural design technology is incorporated into our systems to provide our clients with the capacity for repeated safe training operations.

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