About Us

Fire Training Structures (FTS) has been “Providing Fire Service Professionals with Customized Training Structures to Meet Their Specific Needs” since 2005. Our team of highly qualified project managers, engineers, and fabricators provide a total turn-key solution to fire service professionals located both domestically and internationally. The structural system for our training structures is achieved through the use of ISO Containers (a.k.a. Connex Containers / Shipping Containers). Containerized training structures are a cost effective alternative to conventional steel, concrete, or block constructed structures.

Containerized Structures are specifically designed and fabricated for repeated Live-Fire Training utilizing Class “A” and/or Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) fuel sources. LPG fueled structures have been tested and certified by a Nationally Recognized (third-party) Testing Laboratory (NRTL). Structures are Certified to NFPA 86 and UL 508A as suggested by NFPA 1402. Containerized structures are conducive with our Shop Fabricated/Pre-Engineered Design Approach.

FTS provides Stationary Multi-Story Training Structures, Mobile Grant Approved Training Structures, and various non-container based LPG Fueled Burn Props. We welcome you to view some of our available training structure options by clicking on the links below:

We look forward to learning about your specific training needs. Please Contact FTS at 1-877-268-8303 or via our Website.

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