Fire Department Training Towers

FTS custom manufactures a wide variety of custom fire training towers and burn room simulators for fire departments and firefighters. Call us at 1-877-268-8303 to explore your goals. We have been helping clients world wide since 2005 and references are available upon request. The Tower Training Systems consists of multiple 40’ and or 20’ containers configured and fabricated to satisfy the customer’s specific training needs. Customer has the ability to define Burn Room locations and Reconfigurable SCBA Confined Space Maze locations. Customer can select from various Training Prop Options. Some of the Training Prop Options are Behind the Wall Fire, Wall Breach, Garage Door Panel, Variable Angle Rebar Cutting, Rappelling Tower, etc. Systems can be configured for Class “A” Live-Fire Training, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Live-Fire Training, or both Class “A” and LPG. All Systems come complete with OSHA Compliant Galvanized Guardrail, Galvanized Active Roof System, and Temperature Monitoring System. LPG Systems have been tested and certified by a Nationally Recognized (third-party) Testing Laboratory (NRTL). All Systems are in compliance with National Fire Protection Association NFPA 1402.

(Download A Tower Training Systems Brochure)

View samples of our worldwide installations below: