Tri City

ABC News, Phoenix, AZ interviews the Tri-City, Arizona Fire Departments after the installation of their new Dual Mobile Multi-Trainer. This AFG (Assistance to Firefighters Grant) approved mobile live fire training facility incorporates most of the props and features found in permanent installations and has the option for LPG (liquid propane gas) or Class “A” burn modules. Features may include Honeywell/Omega integrated ignition systems, on board generator, automatic shutdown and gas detection system, on board smoke machine and temperature monitoring. Props can include SCBA/confined space maze, roof top catwalks, enclosed walkways, cutting props, breaching props, attic crawl, behind the wall fire, storage compartments, ventilation systems, sprinkler systems, standpipe connection, vertical rescue, ceiling pull and Denver** drill. For more information, contact the fire training experts, Fire Training Structures.